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Camp Howze Museum


A team of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in "World War II and North Texas: A Public History Research Seminar" (HIST 4261.001 and HIST 5420.001) at the University of North Texas researched and constructed this online museum of World War II-era Camp Howze during the Spring 2022 semester, under the supervision of professors Todd Moye and Andrew J. Torget.

Working in teams, the students researched the history and construction of Camp Howze, the people who lived and worked on the base, the prisoners-of-war who were imprisioned there, the effects of the camp on the surrounding areas, and how the memory of Camp Howze has been preserved during the many decades since the camp itself was decommissioned in the aftermath of World War II.

Numerous individuals, organizations, and groups supported this work.  We are tremendously grateful to Jennifer Johnson-Spence of the Cooke County Public Library, Cathy Farquhar of the Morton Museum of Gainesville, Texas, Ana Krahmer and staff of the Digital Newspaper Unit of UNT's Willis Library, Morgan Gieringer and staff of Special Collections of UNT's Willis Library, and the support and encouragement of Barbara Burns, David Scheidecker, and Steve Cobb.

We believe that all the items that we have included in the museum are either in the public domain or can appear here under terms of fair use for educational purposes.  If you hold the copyright on an item and believe that we have posted it illegally or with improper attribution, please contact us.

Teams that constructed the museum include:

Camp History
Cindy Dana Álvarez
May O’Shea
Coleson James
Elizabeth Jouvenat
Haylie Torres
Caleb Schertz

People of Howze
Angie Van Ronk
Liam Hayes
Grace Joiner
Tessa Redding
Parker Hull
Isaac Arreaola Ramirez
Riley Pierson

Payton Molina
Alex Oglesby
Dylan Harris
Grant Dennis

Howze and North Texas
Keely Sanders
Rhealee Andrews
Liliana Rios
Sam Merritt
Victoria Hollinger

Historical Memory
Heather Noel
Paola Alonso
Alisia Gulley